O mundo que a gente quer, é a gente quem faz.

Acreditamos que a construção de um mundo melhor se faz através de laços e ações comunitárias. Por isso, estamos sempre envolvidos com projetos socioculturais, sustentáveis e esportivos, apoiando instituições e organizações das comunidades que atuamos.


Supporting and Sponsoring Sports

Acreditamos que o esporte é uma das formas de preservar e expressar a essência. Por isso, apoiamos atletas de diversas modalidades esportivas para que eles sigam em busca dos seus sonhos e continuem inspirando todos a sua volta.

  • سباق السيارات – ستوكا؛
  • ة الطائرة ؛
  • العاب القوى للمعاقين.
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Social responsibility is one of the pillars that have always been present in our history. This value stimulates us to increasingly search for new ways to contribute to the community and generate a positive impact on society. We have recently introduced the Young Apprentice Program. Our main objective is to widen the horizons of those who wish to have an opportunity to begin their career path and long for personal development, also helping them to choose their occupations. We from Água da Serra are well aware of how important this decision is and how closely connected it is to each one’s essence.

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Support to Culture

We encourage and sponsor several cultural projects, as we believe that, by doing so, we’ll be contributing to the promotion of our country’s identity.
Since 2016 Água da Serra has sponsored the Coral Vozes de Anjo (Angel Voices Choir), which consists of 42 permanent voices. Our purpose is to provide the choir with resources so that it can continue being a social elevation instrument by helping the youngsters to develop essential values and skills.
Presently, six members of the choir are training at Água da Serra in the departments of Logistics, Marketing and Storeroom.
In addition to becoming acquainted with the company’s culture and performing their activities, these young people have theoretical classes at the National Service for Industrial Training (SENAI).
We contribute to their education, qualification and provide them with orientation on the corporate world. In exchange, we receive all creativity and innovation from these young people who are very eager to learn!

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Água da Serra is expanding

Your opportunity has arrived to become one of our expansion partners and bring to your country one of the largest mix of flavors and packaging in the soft drink segment.

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